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The 1st accomplished consultant to anthropological stories of complicated agencies

  • Offers the 1st complete connection with the anthropological research of complicated organizations
  • Details how organizational concept and examine in enterprise has followed anthropology’s key notion of tradition, inspiring new insights into organizational dynamics and development
  • Highlights pioneering theoretical views starting from symbolic and semiotic methods to neuroscientific frameworks for learning modern organizations
  • Addresses the comparative and cross-cultural dimensions of establishment organisations and of non-governmental enterprises operating within the globalizing economy
  • Topics coated contain organizational dynamics, entrepreneurship, innovation, social networks, cognitive versions and staff construction, organizational dysfunctions, international networked corporations, NGOs, unions, digital groups, company tradition and social responsibility
  • Presents a physique of labor that displays the breadth and intensity of the sector of organizational anthropology and makes the case for the significance of the sphere within the anthropology of the twenty-first century

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