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By Hellmuth Hecker, Sister Khema

82,000 Teachings from the Buddha i've got received;
2,000 extra from his disciples; Now, 84,000 are frequent to me.1
Who not anything has heard2 and not anything understood, He a long time in simple terms oxen-like:
His belly in basic terms grows and grows,
But his perception deepens not.
Who has a lot heard and learned,
But does despise him who's terrible in studying, Is like one blind who holds a lamp.
So needs to i feel of this type of one.
Thou stick to him who has heard much,
Then what's heard shall no longer decline.
This is the tap-root of the holy life;
Hence a Dhamma-guardian thou should’st be!
Knowing what comes first and final, realizing good the which means, too,
Skilful in grammar and in different items,3 The well-grasped that means he examines.
Keen in his sufferer application,
He strives to weigh the that means good. on the correct time he makes his attempt, And inwardly collects his mind.
— the Venerable Ánanda, Thag XVII.3 (vv. 1024-29)

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He may still smash one village of Benares. If any of his males have been stuck, the king could most likely even present the prisoners. real adequate, while the marauders have been introduced ahead of the Bodhisatta, and lamented they'd plundered out of starvation, he gave them funds. This served to persuade Ánanda of the reality of the treacherous minister’s phrases and he marched into the kingdom of Benares. The commander-in-chief of the Bodhisatta desired to guard the dominion, however the latter acknowledged that he didn't want to be the reason for damage for others. If the opposite king sought after his nation, he must have it. He allow Ánanda trap him and positioned him into legal. There he practiced loving-kindness meditation in the direction of the rapacious King Ánanda, who was once struck down by means of a fever and stricken by a responsible moral sense. Ánanda requested the Bodhisatta’s pardon, back his state to him and swore to be his best friend endlessly. The Bodhisatta back to his throne and spoke to his ministers concerning the virtues and rewards of harmlessness, asserting that simply because he had made peace with the invaders, 1000s have been spared demise at the battlefield. Then he renounced his throne, grew to become an ascetic and attained to the brahma realm. Ánanda, despite the fact that, remained king. 33 9. The final Days of Gotama the Buddha A welcome boost to Ánanda’s conversations with the woke up One is the account about the final occasions within the lifetime of the Buddha, during which Ánanda performed a number one position. it's the Mahá-Parinibbána Sutta (DN 16), the discourse at the Buddha’s passing away, his final front into Nibbána. 38 those files express a unique temper, particularly that of parting, which used to be particularly painful for Ánanda. it's also the 1st small starting of the decline of the Dhamma, in an effort to slowly disappear with elevated distance from the Buddha’s lifetime, till a brand new Buddha arises. this whole textual content supplies, because it have been, voice to the admonition to perform Dhamma whereas there's nonetheless likelihood. It displays once again Ánanda’s entire personality, and hence we'll keep on with its direction, and emphasize these issues that are vital so far as Ánanda is anxious. the 1st component to the Mahá-Parinibbána Sutta starts off at Rájagaha, the capital of the kingdom of Magadha. Devadatta’s try to create a schism within the Sangha had occurred seven years prior. King Ajátasattu reigned in Magadha. King Pasenadi of Kosala had simply been overthrown and the Sakya extended family had come to its tragic result in which Ánanda’s brother, Prince Mahánáma, used to be killed. at the moment, 3 recognized warrior clans lived north of the Ganges, close to the Himalayas. They have been the Koliyas, the Mallas and the Vajjians, all of which had retained relative independence from the Maháraja Ajátasattu. He had the goal of destroying the Vajjians and to include their land in his. whereas the Buddha couldn't hinder the spoil of these Sakyans who had no longer entered the Order, simply because they'd to pay a kammic debt, he did aid the Vajjians and later in some way additionally the Mallas. this can be the exterior “political” history of the final years of the Buddha’s lifestyles.

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