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By Eleonore Stump

Few philosophers or theologians exerted as a lot impression at the form of medieval notion as Thomas Aquinas. He ranks among the main recognized of the Western philosophers and used to be accountable for nearly single-handedly bringing the philosophy of Aristotle into concord with Christianity. He was once additionally one of many first philosophers to argue that philosophy and theology may possibly help one another. the form of metaphysics, theology, and Aristotelian notion at the present time nonetheless bears the imprint of Aquinas' work.

In this broad and deeply researched research, Eleonore Stump examines Aquinas' significant works, Summa Theologiae and Summa Contra Gentiles, and sincerely assesses the large diversity of Aquinas' concept. Philosophers, theologians, and scholars of the medieval interval alike will locate this unrivalled research an fundamental source in discovering and instructing Aquinas.

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Written at Paris, directed opposed to Gérard d’Abbeville’s Contra adversarium perfectionis christianae. ) Aquinas, Thomas (1269–72) Sententia libri Politicorum (Commentary on Aristotle’s Politics). (Written most likely at Paris; incomplete. ) Aquinas, Thomas (1270? ) Sententia great De memoria et reminiscentia (Commentary on Aristotle’s De memoria et reminiscentia). (Written most likely at Paris. ) Aquinas, Thomas (1270) Tabula libri Ethicorum (An Analytical desk of Aristotle’s Ethics). (Written at Paris; incomplete. ) Aquinas, Thomas (1270) De unitate intellectus, contra Averroistas (On the Unicity of mind, opposed to the Averroists). (Written at Paris. ) Aquinas, Thomas (1270–1) Sententia tremendous Peri hermenias (Commentary on Aristotle’s De Interpretatione). (Written at Paris; incomplete. ) xviii LIST OF AQUINAS’S WORKS Aquinas, Thomas (1270–2) Lectura great Ioannem (Lectures at the Gospel of John). (Written at Paris. ) Aquinas, Thomas (1270–3) Sententia large Metaphysicam (Commentary on Aristotle’s Metaphysics). (Written at Paris and Naples. ) Aquinas, Thomas (1270–3) Expositio et lectura tremendous Epistolas Pauli Apostoli (Commentary and Lectures at the Epistles of Paul the Apostle). (Written at Paris and Naples. ) Aquinas, Thomas (1271) De aeternitate mundi, contra murmurantes (On the Eternity of the area, opposed to Grumblers). (Written at Paris. ) Aquinas, Thomas (1271) Responsio advert magistrum Ioannem de Vercellis de articulis forty two (Reply to grasp John Vercelli concerning forty two Articles). (Written at Paris. Aquinas’s solutions to doctrinal questions which Vercelli submitted additionally to Albert the good and Robert Kilwardby. ) Aquinas, Thomas (1271–2) Summa theologiae IIaIIae (Synopsis of Theology, moment a part of the second one Part). (Written at Paris. ) Aquinas, Thomas (1271–2) Contra doctrinam retrahentium a religione (Against the educating of these who Dissuade [Boys] from getting into the non secular Life). (Written at Paris, opposing the paintings of Gérard d’Abbeville. ) Aquinas, Thomas (1271–2) Sententia libri Ethicorum (Commentary on Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics). (Written at Paris. ) Aquinas, Thomas (1271–2) Sententia great Posteriora analytica (Commentary on Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics). (Written at Paris. ) Aquinas, Thomas (1271–2) Quaestio disputata de virtutibus in communi (Disputed query at the Virtues in General). (Thirteen articles, written at Paris. ) Aquinas, Thomas (1271–2) Quaestio disputata de caritate (Disputed query on Charity). (Thirteen articles, written at Paris. ) Aquinas, Thomas (1271–2) Quaestio disputata de correctione fraterna (Disputed query on Fraternal Correction). (Two articles, written at Paris. ) Aquinas, Thomas (1271–2) Quaestio disputata de spe (Disputed query on Hope). (Four articles, written at Paris. ) Aquinas, Thomas (1271–2) Quaestio disputata de virtutibus cardinalibus (Disputed query at the Cardinal Virtues). (Four articles, written at Paris. ) Aquinas, Thomas (1271–3) De substantiis separatis, advert fratrem Reginaldum socium suum (On Separated elements [Angels], for Brother Reginald, his Companion).

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