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By Bronislaw Malinowski

The founding record of financial anthropology! Bronislaw Malinowski, one of many all-time nice anthropologists of the area, had a expertise for bringing jointly in unmarried comprehension the nice and cozy fact of human residing with the cool abstractions of technological know-how. His pages became a nearly essential hyperlink among the understanding of unique and distant individuals with theoretical wisdom approximately humankind. This volume--originally released in 1922--can be thought of the founding rfile of financial anthropology, and is still the simplest one to learn. It emphasizes the good importance of primitive economics by way of singling out the amazing trade procedure of the Trobriand Islands for exact attention. even though the most subject matter is monetary, consistent reference is made during this milestone of anthropological learn and interpretation to social association, lifestyles and that means, the facility of magic, and to mythology and folklore.

name of comparable curiosity additionally to be had from Waveland Press: Malinowski, Magic, technology and faith and different Essays (ISBN 9780881336573.

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