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By Anders Olsson, Daniel Birnbaum

Initially released in Swedish in 1992, As a Weasel Sucks Eggs examines the enigmatic relation of melancholia to an early form of cannibalism, which psychoanalysis, specifically, under pressure. It includes studying of, among others, Franz Kafka, Samuel Beckett, Thomas Bernhard, Sigmund Freud, G. W. F. Hegel, and the Swedish poet Gunnar Ekelöf. The authors additionally quote Goethe and Rabelais, for whom foodstuff is a cosmic precept, the soil of fertility, on which all construction relies. In a transferred experience, nutrients additionally performs that very same function for the melancholiac—he who questions the traditional order of items, who creates an different “unknown food,” with quite a few meanings. The authors “trace the need for this different foodstuff in the course of the a long time, and scrutinize its dating to either primitive sacrificial rites in addition to modern anthropology, philosophy, and linguistic theory.”

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We discover the following a ] individual in individual for whom the oral area is extra very important than different erogenous zones. Secondly, sexuality and the ingestion of meals are joined or combined jointly. Thirdly, he has a wish to contain the obstate a oigreat contusion. a ject that he had develop into connected to. on the finish of the essay, Abraham discusses the correlation among such oral iixation and depressives, who usually quit themselves to a wide awake and demonstratively displayed refusal to consume. yet in melancholy, a regressive transformation of the libido happens. “[I]n those sufferers the libido has regressed to the main primitive degree of its improvement identified to us, to an that level which degree. ” Even much less we have come to understand as the oral or the cannibalistic heavily in poor health melancholiacs will unconsciously search to engulI'and obliterate the item. in contrast to the obsessional neurotic, they cast off the affection item by way of engulfing it. and in contrast to the paranoiac, they comprise the article not just to a undeniable quantity, yet in its entirety. 'lhesc cannibalistic goals are energetic in a single type of depressive insanity particularly, a previously frequent, and nonetheless sometimes happening concept of a person's transformation right into a wild, man-eating werewolf. A self-punishing mind's eye with roots in old rites and mythology, to which we will return,‘ and which, in early Greek drugs went below the identify lycanthropy. nine in a similar fashion, the melancholiac frequently accuses himself of getting devoted crimes which actually he couldn't have devoted. the following, we discover the reason in a cannibalistic violation of the incest taboo. "If we suppose that the inner most repressed needs of the melancholic are of a cannibalistic nature, that his ‘sins’ in essence consult with a forbidden, even detested, act of consuming, then we comprehend the nice frequency with which he refuses to take foodstuff" A refusal to devour is the punishment for, and the repression of, this "’ myth: "he threatens himself with that for his subconscious cannibalistic punishment that is by myself becoming impulses: dying by way of hunger. ”” lhid. p. 257. lhitl. pp. 276—277. /' H See the ‘> bankruptcy, Mi /\brahani, p. V Ihltl. p. 27H. i "The Sacrifice," lower than, p. a hundred and twenty. 278. for Freud, there's correspondence among person and human improvement, among ontogeny and phylogeny. They take over Haeckel’s legislations of improvement, which says that the expansion of the person is a repetition of the advance of the genus. He therefore concludes his examine by way of noting that the horror of consuming one’s personal offspring, which are present in many legends, is an expression of that “early cannibalistic level within the improvement of the libido. This section of the person instinctual existence corresponds precisely to the cannibalistic level of civilization. . ”‘2 With this examine, Abraham has sketched in its necessities the contours of his multidimensional and empirically anchored idea of depression. He did this sooner than he was once capable of learn Freud’s groundbreaking essay “Trauer und Melancholie," which was once released the subsequent yr, notwithstanding it were written in 1915.

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