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How does technology create wisdom? Epistemic cultures, formed by way of affinity, necessity, and old accident, make certain how we all know what we all know. during this ebook, Karin Knorr Cetina compares of an important and interesting epistemic cultures of our day, these in excessive strength physics and molecular biology. Her paintings highlights the variety of those cultures of understanding and, in its depiction in their differences--in the which means of the empirical, the enactment of item family, and the fashioning of social relations--challenges the authorized view of a unified science.

By many bills, modern Western societies have gotten "knowledge societies"--which run on specialist methods and professional platforms epitomized by means of technology and dependent into all parts of social existence. via epistemic cultures in pattern instances, this publication addresses urgent questions about how such professional platforms and methods paintings, what ideas tell their cognitive and procedural orientations, and even if their association, buildings, and operations might be prolonged to different kinds of social order.

The first ethnographic examine to systematically evaluate diversified clinical laboratory cultures, this publication sharpens our specialize in epistemic cultures because the foundation of the information society.

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