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By Gregory Bateson

Gregory Bateson used to be a thinker, anthropologist, photographer, naturalist, and poet, in addition to the husband and collaborator of Margaret Mead. With a brand new foreword by way of his daughter Mary Katherine Bateson, this vintage anthology of his significant paintings will proceed to please and tell generations of readers.

"This assortment quantities to a retrospective exhibition of a operating lifestyles. . . . Bateson has come to this place in the course of a occupation that carried him not just into anthropology, for which he used to be first informed, yet into psychiatry, genetics, and communique conception. . . . He . . . examines the character of the brain, seeing it now not as a nebulous anything, someway lodged someplace within the physique of every guy, yet as a community of interactions pertaining to the person together with his society and his species and with the universe at large."—D. W. Harding, New York assessment of Books

"[Bateson's] view of the area, of technological know-how, of tradition, and of guy is giant and hard. His efforts at synthesis are tantalizingly and cryptically suggestive. . . .This is a booklet we should always all learn and ponder."—Roger Keesing, American Anthropologist


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