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By Amir D. Aczel

What Are The Ancients attempting to inform Us?

"Why may the Cro-Magnon hunter-gatherers of Europe burn up loads effort and time to penetrate into deep, darkish, and unsafe caverns, the place they could come upon cave bears and lions or wander away and die, aided in simple terms through the dim glow of animal fat–burning stone candles, usually crawling on all fours for distances of as much as a mile or extra underground . . . to color outstanding, haunting pictures of animals?"
From The Cave and the Cathedral

sign up for researcher and scientist Amir D. Aczel on a time-traveling trip throughout the previous and realize what the traditional caves of France and Spain could display concerning the beginning of language, artwork, and human idea as he illuminates one of many maximum mysteries in anthropology.

"A well-researched and hugely readable exploration of 1 of the main impressive manifestations of the original human artistic spirit–and certainly one of its such a lot interesting mysteries."
Ian Tattersall, Curator, department of Anthropology, American Museum of normal background, and writer of The Fossil path: How we all know What we predict we all know approximately Human Evolution

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Besides Normandy, the opposite a part of France that lies closest to Britain is named Brittany (Bretagne, in French), around the English channel from the British Isles. This sector stocks a typical background with England: it, too, used to be settled by way of Celts, or even this present day, the homes right here, in addition to the people track and the customs, are such as these in Britain. huge parts of Brittany comprise millions of megalithic (from Greek, “large stone”) monuments that have been erected via Neolithic peoples residing during this sector. those monuments resemble Stonehenge, even supposing they're a bit older—the oldest relationship from 6,500 years ago—and their association is diversified. so much Neolithic stone monuments aren't round yet are prepared in lengthy, parallel instantly traces. they're wonderful testaments to the need and the power of prehistoric humans. what's the which means of those huge buildings? Many students have attempted to teach that the Carnac alignments, at the southern coast of Brittany, endure a few astronomical or calendrical which means: the alignments coincide with the sun’s attitude through the wintry weather solstice, the summer time solstice, or the spring or fall equinoxes. yet all of those theories have failed. thus far, not anyone understands what the stone alignments suggest. On French soil, hence, even seven millennia after the final of the cave paintings used to be produced, prehistoric everyone is no longer recognized to have developed calendars. 18 The Mediterranean, Australia, and Patagonia OUR realizing OF STONEHENGE HAS replaced with new discoveries that reshaped our considering. yet realizing of cave artwork additionally adjustments after we locate new works of art. nobody could have anticipated that cave art—which had familiarize yourself to the general public in the course of the findings in hundreds and hundreds of caves—would comprise work of penguins. but this can be precisely what became up in a cave found overdue within the 20th century. In 1985, a French leisure diver named Henri Cosquer used to be exploring the rocky backside of the Mediterranean close to Marseille at a intensity of a hundred and twenty ft, while he unexpectedly observed what seemed like the hole of an underwater cave. Cosquer saved his discovery to himself and through the years explored this cave on his personal. there has been a slender access shaft that prolonged for greater than 360 toes, and each time he went diving during this region, he ventured deeper into the hollow space. In 1991, he reached the top of this underwater entryway and emerged into the air of a large underground corridor. On certainly one of its partitions, he came upon the crimson imprint of a hand. understanding that he had simply found a prehistoric drawing, Cosquer mentioned his discovering to the French administrator of antiquities, and a undertaking used to be introduced to discover this cave. yet prior to any reputable paintings all started there, 3 divers who had heard concerning the discovery and got here to discover the hot underwater cave all alone grew to become trapped there and suffocated to demise. This incident centred global awareness at the Cosquer cave, because it turned recognized. The cave were 8 miles clear of the ocean in the course of the Ice Age, and its front then used to be on a cliff nearly 300 toes above sea point.

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