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The function which distinguishes the nice works of materialist proposal, from Lucretius’ De rerum natura through Capital to the writings of Lacan, is their unfinished personality: time and again they take on their selected challenge. Schelling’s Weltalter drafts belong to this comparable sequence, with their repeated try on the formula of the ‘beginning of the world,’ of the passage from the pre-symbolic pulsation of the true to the universe of logos.

F.W.J. Schelling, the German idealist who for too lengthy dwelled within the shadow of Kant and Hegel, used to be the 1st to formulate the post-idealist motifs of finitude, contingency and temporality. His designated paintings declares Marx’s critique of speculative idealism, in addition to the accurately Freudian thought of force, of a blind compulsion to copy that may by no means be sublated within the perfect medium of language.

The Indivisible the rest begins with a close exam of the 2 works during which Schelling’s speculative audacity reached its height: his essay on human freedom and his drafts at the “Ages of the World.” After reconstituting their line of argumentation, Slavoj Žižek confronts Schelling with Hegel, and concludes through throwing a Schellingian mild on a few “related matters”: the results of the computerization of everyday life for sexual adventure; cynicism as today’s most important kind of ideology; the epistemological deadlocks of quantum physics.

Although the booklet is filled with examples from politics and pop culture — the unmistakable token of Žižek’s kind — from Speed and Groundhog Day to Forrest Gump, it indications a big shift in the direction of a scientific main issue with the elemental questions of philosophy and the roots of the problem of our late-capitalist universe, concentrated round the enigma of recent subjectivity.

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