Download E-books The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, Volume 2: Expansions of the Old Testament and Legends, Wisdom and Philosophical Literature, Prayers, Psalms, and Odes, Fragments of Lost Judeo-Hellenistic works PDF

By James H. Charlesworth

Expansions of the "Old Testament" and legends, knowledge and philosophical literature, prayers, psalms and odes, and fragments of misplaced Judeo-Hellenistic works.

Introduction J. H. Charlesworth
- Letter of Aristeas (Third Century B.c-First Century A.D.) R. J. H. Shutt
- Jubilees (Second Century B.C.) O. five. Wintermute
- Martyrdom and Ascension of Isaiah (Second Century B.C.-Fourth Century A.D.) M. A. Knibb
- Joseph and Aseneth (First Century B.C.-Second Century A.D.) C. Burchard
- lifetime of Adam and Eve (First Century A.D.) M. D. Johnson
- Pseudo-Philo (First Century A.D.) D. J. Harrington
- The Lives of the Prophets (First Century A.D.) D. R. A. Hare
- Ladder of Jacob (c. First Century A.D.?) H. G. Lunt
- four Baruch (First to moment Century A.D.) S. E. Robinson
- Jannes and Jambres (First to 3rd Century A.D.) A. Pietersma and T. R. Lutz
- heritage of the Rechabites (First to Fourth Century) J. H. Charlesworth
- Eldad and Modad (prior to moment Century A.D.) E. G. Martin
- historical past of Joseph (prior to Fourth Century A.D.) G. T. Zervos

Introduction J. H. Charlesworth
- Ahiqar (Seventh to 6th Century B.C.) J. M. Lindenberger
- three Maccabees (First Century B.C.) H. Anderson
- four Maccabees (First Century A.D.) H. Anderson
- Pseudo-Phocylides (First Century B.C-First Century A.D.) P. W. van der Horst
- The Sentences of the Syriac Menander (Third Century A.D.) T. Baarda

Introduction J. H. Charlesworth
- extra Psalms of David (Second Century B.c-First Century A.D.) J. H. Charlesworth with 7. A. Sanders
- Prayer of Manasseh (Second Century B.c-First Century A.D.) J. H. Charlesworth
- Psalms of Solomon (First Century B.C.) R. B. Wright
- Hellenistic Synagogal Prayers (Second to 3rd Century A.D.) D. R. Darnell and D. A. Fiensy
- Prayer of Joseph (First Century A.D.) J. Z. Smith
- Prayer of Jacob (First to Fourth Century A.D.) J. H. Charlesworth
- Odes of Solomon (Late First to Early moment Century A.D.) J. H. Charlesworth

Editor's advent J. H. Charlesworth
General creation, with a notice on Alexander Polyhistor J. Strugnell
-Philo the Epic Poet (Third to moment Century B.C.) H. Attridge
- Theodotus (Second to First Century B.C.) F. Fallon
-Orphica (Second Century B.C-First Century A.D.) M. Lafargue
- Ezekiel the Tragedian (Second Century B.C.) R. G. Robertson
- Fragments of Pseudo-Greek Poets (Third to moment Century B.C.) H. Attridge
- Aristobulus (Second Century B.C.) A. Yarbro Collins
- Demetrius the Chronographer (Third Century B.C.) J. Hanson
- Aristeas the Exegete (prior to First Century B.C.) R. Doran
- Eupolemus (prior to First Century B.C.) F. Fallon
- Pseudo-Eupolemus (prior to First Century B.C.) R. Doran
- Cleodemus Malchus (prior to First Century B.C.) R. Doran
- Artapanus (Third to moment Century B.C.) J. J. Collins
- Pseudo-Hecataeus (Second Century B.c-First Century A.D.) R. Doran

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Chapters 13-19 persist with the biblical account of the wanderings of Abraham, God's grants to him, and the beginning of Isaac. The biblical account is usually abbreviated to cast off info comparable to Sarah's merciless remedy of Hagar in Genesis 16:4-14. The biblical account is usually supplemented at issues. the writer, for instance, has inserted an account of the pains of Abraham (17:1518) and a theophany (16:15-19); his curiosity in ritual legislations leads him to document that Abraham celebrated either the ceremonial dinner of Firstfruits (15:lf. ; cf. 22:1) and the dinner party of Tabernacles (16:2031). He additionally offers a long dialogue of circumcision (15:25-34). In Jubilees, Jacob is the important determine. he's often praised or blessed through Abraham (19:17-25, 27-29; 22:10-24, 26-30), Rebecca (25:11-13, 14-23; 27:11; 35:6, 9-12), Isaac (26:22-24; 27:14-17; 35:13-17; 36:15f. ), and God (27:22-24; 44:5f. ). In poetic passages (e. g. 23:23; 31:15) Jacob is pointed out as Israel, the eponymous ancestor of the entire little ones of Israel. The tales of Jacob and his sons accordingly either symbolize and clarify his nation's justified hostility towards Philistines (24:25-33), Canaanites (25:1-10), Amorites (34:1-9), and Edomites (chs. 37f. ). simply 4 sons of Jacob are singled out for specific consciousness. The Joseph tales (chs. 39f. , 42-45) are easily a condensed model of the biblical account. Reuben's incest with Bilhah (ch. 33) is given difficult remedy as a caution opposed to incest. in terms of Judah and Tamar, despite the fact that, the tale is retold that allows you to let the confession, forgiveness, and security of Judah's righteous rationale within the topic (41:23-28). Judah is singled out back in bankruptcy 31, the place he stocks a blessing with Levi, who's prominently taken care of in chapters 30-32. Judah and Levi, after all, have been the 2 so much fashionable tribes on the time of the writing of Jubilees. In chapters 24-29 the writer of Jubilees supplementations the biblical account of Jacob's adolescence and sojourn in Mesopotamia. he's taking each chance to justify Rebecca's favoritism for Jacob over Esau. Jacob represents the top measure of filial piety while Esau was once disloyal to his mom and dad. Chapters 30-32 complement biblical fabric with traditions in regards to the priestly position of Levi. In bankruptcy 31 Judah stocks a blessing with Levi, yet somewhere else Levi has a tendency to be renowned. bankruptcy 33 is a Midrash on Reuben's sin in Genesis 35:22. Chapters 34-38 complement the biblical account by means of describing intimately the wars of Jacob. bankruptcy 34 describes an Amorite battle, whereas chapters 35-38 convey how the connection among Jacob and Esau resulted in hostility and the defeat of Edom. Chapters 39-45 are the writer's condensation of the Joseph tales. The Moses tale starts with a point out of his father in bankruptcy forty six, a bankruptcy and is the reason the transition from an idyllic existence less than Joseph's rule, whilst there has been no devil within the land (vss. If. ), to a scene of harsh slavery on the finish of the bankruptcy (vss. 14-16). The dying of Joseph and struggle among the Canaanites and Egypt account for the deteriorating stipulations.

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