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By Jack Kerouac

These vintage Kerouac meditations, zen koans, and prose poems show the poet’s beatific quest for peace and pleasure via oneness with the universe.

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Fifty five There’s the area within the sunlight. If it used to be thoroughly darkish you wouldnt see it however it might nonetheless be there. when you shut your eyes you actually see what it’s like: mysterious particle-swarming vacancy. at the moon gigantic mosquitos of straw recognize this within the kindness in their hearts. really talking, unrecognizably candy all of it is. Dont fear approximately not anything. fifty six Imaginary judgments approximately issues, during this Nothing-Ever-Happened outstanding Void, you dont also have to reject them, not to mention settle for them. “That appears like a tree, let’s name it a tree,” stated Coyote to Earthmaker at the start, they usually walked round the rootdrinker patting their bellies. fifty seven completely selfless, the wonderful thing about it, the butterfly doesnt take it as a private success, he simply disappears throughout the bushes. You too, type and humble and not-even-here, it wasnt in a grasping temper that you simply observed the sunshine that belongs to each person. fifty eight examine your little finger, the vacancy of it's no various than the vacancy of infinity. fifty nine Cats yawn simply because they discover that there’s not anything to do. 60 Up in heaven you wont consider most of these methods of yours. You wont even sigh “Why? ” no matter if as atomic airborne dirt and dust or as nice towns, what’s the variation in all these things. A tree remains to be just a rootdrinker. The puma’s twisted face maintains to examine the blue sky with sightless eyes, Ah candy divine and indescribable verdurous paradise planted in mid-air! Caitanya, it’s merely cognizance. now not with innovations of your brain, yet within the believing sweetness of your center, you snap the hyperlink and open the golden door and disappear into the intense room, the eternal ecstasy, everlasting Now. Soldier, persist with me! —there by no means was once a struggle. Arjuna, dont struggle! —why struggle over not anything? Bless and sit. sixty one I do not forget that I’m imagined to be a guy and cognizance and that i concentration my eyes and the print reappears and the phrases of the bad publication are asserting, “The international, as God has made it” and there aren't any phrases in my pitying middle to precise the knowless loveliness of the trance there has been ahead of I learn these phrases, I had no such proposal there has been an international. sixty two This global has no marks, symptoms or facts of lifestyles, nor the noises in it, like coincidence of wind or voices or heehawing animals, but pay attention heavily the everlasting hush of silence is going on and on all through all this, and has been happening, and may cross on and on. for the reason that the area is not anything yet a dream and is simply inspiration of and the eternal eternity can pay no consciousness to it. At evening less than the moon, or in a quiet room, hush now, the key tune of the Unborn is going on and on, past notion, conscious past life. adequately conversing, unsleeping isn't wide awake as the golden eternity by no means went to sleep: you could inform via the consistent sound of Silence which cuts via this international like a magic diamond in the course of the trick of your now not understanding that your brain triggered the realm. sixty three The God of the yank Plateau Indian was once Coyote.

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